Healthy Tweets

When it comes to promoting health issues on twitter you have to look at it like at in a way a company would.  In a way your both selling something in one is selling a product while the Organization is selling a better and healthier lifestyle. Here are a few things that a lot of successful companies do to maintain an active twitter page.

  • Short Relevant Post/Hashtags: Twitter has a Max of 140 words so the best to keep it around 100 words. With in these 100 word you should be able to get your message across. Even though 140 words is not a lot, it is still more that your average twitter user wants to read. Another big thing in Twitterverse is hashtags. Hashtags can be a blessing and a curse. Only use hashtags relevant to your cause, because once someone click she link it puts them in contact with others who support the cause. And, there is nothing Twitter users like more than being apart of something bigger. Please do not over do it being your message will get lost in the tags.

*Do not be this guytoomanyhashtags

  • Re-tweets: When an organization re tweets a post from one of it’s followers it shows that their voices are heard. The people on these sites are just regular people affected by the issues that these health organizations are trying to end. When organizations reach out and re tweet a comment from a follower it shows that you care.

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The Healthy side to Facebook

We all know Facebook as the sight we all love; while we where friending, unfriending, and poking we missed a key resource that this site has. The site has potential to be the top health promotion site. A few examples of these are Movemder/ No shave November, which spreads awareness about prostate cancer. Several people would post Facebook selfies with their mustaches and beards, helping the campaign spread to worldwide status. The creator of Facebook Mark Zuckerburg created a video for Greenpeace’s campaign Unfriend Coal. The campaign was created to encourage people to use clean energy sources instead of relying on coal which destroys the ozone. Mark posted the video to YouTube and it has over 400,000 views. They are a lot of success stories but to follow in there footsteps their are some things you must do. The first thing is to be relatable show them cause they can relate to with solutions they can easily help with. Be sure to use creditable sources, and provide away for people to ask questions. People like to know their voices are heard, and the more you can clear up about your cause the better.


Blog Basics

When it comes to the basics of blogs there are a few guidelines you have to follow. You have to define your goals, where do you want take your blog over time. When typing your articles you have to know your audience and be consistent. If there is anything that people are annoyed by it is inconsistency with something they like. You should never be afraid to ask for help; this is something your new at and its nothing wrong with learning new things. The most important thing is it to be yourself, blog succeed because there so unique. Blogs have been known to have various topics from serious topics like racial issues, to something more entertaining like film or comic books. Blog topics have a vast horizon and all can be used with the same great effect.

U.S politics in the Media

The U.S politics  has always influenced the media. Every time a military incident happened they would spit of movie after movie convincing society what side to be on. Using the Cold War era of the U.S as a example; during this time a movie Red Dawn was released. The plot of this film is Russia invade a small Colorado town and its up to the a high school star quarterback and friends to save the town. U.S politics wanted us to think that Russia was to get us and that they could coming at any moment, but it also wanted to show that us as Americans can over come any obstacle in their way. And, whats more American than a blonde haired blue eyed “All American” high school quarter back. This movie was give the people that adrenalin rush of hope that honestly they really didn’t need. It was recently remade, but replaced the Russian with the North Koreans after the scare the North Koreans gave us by launching missiles into space and with rumors going around that they had nuclear weapons. So by using them in the new film they well just regurgitating the same message of no one can stop us. This is only one of the many films where this has happened there are countless others “The Hunt for the Red Octopus, War Games, Fail Safe, etc.”, and that just the Cold War. U.S politics will continue to do this because it sends the message and it makes them money at the same time.


Burton J. Hendrick

 A muckraker is a reform-minded journalists who wrote for popular magazines, continued a tradition of investigative journalism reporting, and emerged in the United States after 1900.Through a combination of advertising boycotts, dirty tricks and patriotism, the movement, associated with the Progressive Era in the United States, came to an end. Burton Hendrick was one of these muckrakers he was born in new Haven, Connecticut. While attending Yale University, Hendrick was editor of both The Yale Courant and The Yale Literary Magazine. He received his BA in 1895 and his master’s in 1897 from Yale. In 1095 he began writing for The New York Evening Post and the New York Sun; he did not become a muckraker until he began writing for McClure’s Magazine. His first story for them came out in “The Story of Life-Insurance” was published in 1906. Hendrick soon started  working at Walter Hines Page’s World’s Work magazine as an associate editor. Later on in 1919 Hendrick began writing biographies, when he was the ghostwriter of Ambassador Morgenthau’s Story for Henry Morgenthau, Sr.  In 1921 he won the Pulitzer Prize for “The Victory at Sea”. He also won the 1923 Pulitzer Prize for “The Life and Letters of Walter H. Page”  and once again in 1929 for “The Training of An American”. Hendrick also wrote “The Age of Big Business” in 1919, using a series of individual biographies, as an enthusiastic look at the foundation of the corporation in America and the rapid rise of the United States as a world power. After completing the commissioned biography of Andrew Carnegie, Mr. Hendrick turned to writing “group biographies”. When he died he was currently writing the biography for Louise Whitfield Carnegie, the wife of Andrew Carnegie. Burton J. Hendrick was a great person who lived his life telling the stories of others. 


Devin Austin

Feb. 18, 2013


Lincoln and Freedom of Press


Lincoln was always a supporter of the freedom of Press. The Judge challenged Lincoln before the war, but Lincoln ignored. Lincoln would soon have that Judge would soon have him arrested. People began to destroy printing presses in rebellion. While a mob was destroying an editor’s printing press and killing him afterwards; Lincoln saw this and rose up which sparked his presidential campaign. Even though they destroyed most newspapers, most Pro-slavery papers where left alone; the biggest being the Daily News. Lincoln soon became the Commander of Chief being this rebellious time. In states like New York, people stopped volunteering and protesting the war as the newspaper said the war was a waste of time. As the war continued both Confederate and Union, states would burn the newspapers of the town they would take over. As a result Lincoln then had these publishers arrested he also had John Mayer arrested as well. Lincoln hot his first taste of the press was when he took his first job as a postmaster. Lincoln received many newspapers both Democratic and Republican, they were sent from Springfield; so instead of delivering newspapers he would read them then deliver them. Some say that this publication is what led him to follow his path to become president. Lincoln believed that the overreaction of the South was inevitable so he could not change the fact. Newspapers in Pennsylvania “The Christian Observer” wrote outlandish lies about the Union saying that they committed vast crimes such as stealing, rape of women, and murder of children for their own amusement. Freedom of press has been a big involvement in Lincoln life; it motivated him to become president, it fueled the war that made him famous, and it spread the word of freedom and of his victory.


Devin Austin

Journalism 101

Feb. 11, 2013



            The roles of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Samuel Adams where very important to the process of establishing free press in America as we view it today. George Washington as we all know lead America’s army in the Revolutionary War. He also greatly impacted the world of the printing press.  As he was fighting for our rights to freedom others where printing papers spreading the word of his greatness. George Washington was viewed by some Americans as a king, but he said he would correct them by saying he was not. Our free press would not be as free as it is now if George Washington had not leaded the American soldiers to victory. Samuel Adams was an American statesman and political philosopher; he was also one of America’s founding fathers. Samuel Adams was said to fuel the fire that lead to the Revolutionary War. His circular letter in 1768 encouraged the British to have their soldiers go into Boston; which then lead to the Boston massacre.  He then had a picture made of the massacre and had it printed and sent around. This was the spark that started the war. Samuel Adams was also said to have encouraged mob violence to get his point across where just printing it could not.  He then took his seat with the other Revolutionary leaders as they signed the Declaration of Independence. This made it possible for all of us to print about whatever we wanted. Thomas Jefferson was also a Founding Father; he was the main author for the Declaration of Independence.  He was sentence “All men are created equal” is said to be one of the sentences in the English language.  Thomas Jefferson contribution to our Independence may have been one of the most important. Thomas Jefferson always supported the idea of freedom for Americans. Our freedom of press may have not have happened if Thomas Jefferson would not have been around to write the Declaration. In fact the three of these men each contributed to our freedom of press in sequence; Samuel Adams started a war, George Washington ended the war, and Thomas Jefferson wrote up the document to verify our freedom.