Snap-chat me your business if it’s cool

Health campaigns have used nearly all of the social sights; but there is one site that goes by unused. That unused site is called Snap-chat. Snap-chat was released in September 2011, and in just five years it has become one of the most downloaded applications. Snap-chat is an image and video messaging application. By November 2015 snap-chat had reached 6 billion video sent per day, and 7 million daily video views in 2016. As you can see Snap-chat does have the numbers to promote any idea your organization. Some companies have already decided to ride the snap wave to promote their products. Companies like Taco Bell, Grub Hub, and Complex Magazine all have used Snap-chat to their benefit, and if they can do it so can you.


Here some tips to get your snap-chat started

  • Develop Content: Create valuable tutorials about something in your area of expertise.
  •  Give users a glimpse behind the scenes at your company: you want to show people that your more than just a company; your people brought together for a common goal.
  • Invite Participation: Social media should be social, not a one-way megaphone for promotions. Imagine how great it would feel if your favorite guitar brand replied to your snap of a song. You can give your followers that feeling, too. I know its not realistic to reply to everyone of your followers, but those few your do can make a difference.
  • Get Creative: For example Dove to inspire viewers to celebrate their own beauty. In this snap the company drew on the image with bold colors to emphasize their message.

More of these helpful tips can be found on the

When making a Snap-chat be sure to tell a story, you want to keep your audience captivated. Trying adding some intensive to viewing your snaps. For example, Grubhub showed a pizza disappearing piece by piece just to give out coupon for a free delivery.

In short to successfully ride the Snap-chat wave you just have to find your edge, and work it.




2 thoughts on “Snap-chat me your business if it’s cool

  1. Devin – I really like that you touched on the fact that snapchat isn’t used much by health organizations or in health campaigns yet, and that those organizations who aren’t using it are really missing out. I liked the tips you included to get people started with Snapchat. They were easy to follow, understand and direct. I also thought that the incorporation of examples like the Dove campaign was a nice touch that maybe other organizations haven’t thought of yet. I would only suggest to stick with examples like those that are more health related. Other than that, I thought you did a great job of explaining everything Snapchat has to offer thoroughly and how to use it effectively.

  2. Devin,
    I really like how you started your blog. The title was interesting and made me want to read more. You gave a good introduction to what Snapchat is and did a nice job of highlighting that not many health organizations are using it yet. Like you said, it is becoming more and more popular so it can be a great opportunity for a health organization. You gave some great tips for getting started and made everything easy to understand. Great job!

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