Ethics and Health Content


When having a health blog its so fun post online promoting your causes, keeping up with the trends, but things can go from good to bad quickly. Organizations can get caught up with keeping up with the trends and forget they may offend someone. Its all well in good to create fun content for your audience, but you can not offend the people you need. Ethics play an important role in health content. An example of keeping up with trends going wrong is this twitter post by The Salvation Army: salvation-army

For those of you who do not know about the dress, it was on going internet discussion whether the dress was white and gold or blue and black. The Salvation Army saw an opportunity to capitalize on the trend and created the image you see above you. The public found it offensive to compare something as serious as domestic violence to a dress. Health organizations should take in consideration how these issues affect the people their who fall victim to them. Even if something things may seem like a harmless fun, you have to keep in mind somethings are not a laughing matter. Issues that include violence or sexual assault of any kind are off limits when it comes to trending topics. Health issues are not the only thing companies make mistakes on. This yoga studio had a cringe-worthy post about 9/11.


It is more that just the companies that have to take responsibilities for what gets put online, its the health professionals as well.  I understand that doctors, nurses, etc. are just people like you and I, but they have to hold themselves to a high standard. People in the medical profession cannot be seen just gallivanting in the streets online, and expect none to know. For example the doctor in Miami doctor that drunkenly destroyed a uber.  Those in the medical profession should use more discretion online. Even though they are in a more social environment, they still have to conduct themselves in a professional manner. Those who cannot conduct themselves in such a way should be reprimanded by the hospital. Also the medical centers should provide class on how to properly conduct themselves online.

Come to think of it everyday individuals could use a class like this. At this day in age the internet is full of what people call “trolls”. Basically these trolls go out of their way to offend people in situation where their input is not even wanted. These trolls also thrive of not having correct information, always spewing out incorrect information. There is honestly for this type of online behavior the only ones who find it funny are the ones doing it. Every time you post online you should think about what your saying; not saying you should walk on eggshells but don’t purposely cause trouble. That being said people who do love to troll that best thing you can do is ignore them all the people want is attention. So remember: keep-calm-and-don-t-feed-the-trolls

Back to health organizations, following ethics do not have to stressful subject for you. I can be fun for you as well. For example you can take an ethical stance on nutrition. Now, that may not sound like a loud of fun, but it all depends on how you spin it. Debunking food myths is fun way to keep that ethical integrity and get some traffic on your page.

So, when it comes to posting online keep a positive  head, don’t be offensive, and still have fun with it.


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