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When it comes to blogs it is good to have all the details correct about the different social media sites. The past entries have been about the easy stuff, finding which site best suits you and matches the criteria. The real thing you have to worry about in Social Media is not how many friends or followers you have, its the smaller things that actually matter the most. The things that play a factor in whether your page works is what happens after your post, tweet, etc. There are six questions that you must ask yourself with every post.

1.Did you grab attention?

2.Did you deliver delight?

3.Did you cause people to want to share?

4.Did you initiate a discussion?

5.Did you cause people to take an action?

6.Did your participation deliver economic value?

High Conversation Rate  

One of the thing your page should have to ensure it’s effectiveness is a high conversation rate. What this is, is when your audience not only comments on the post but has conversations exchanging ideas in the comment section. To have a high conversation rate you have to know your audience. It’s good to know what will get the conversations going. Just so you know topics do not always have to be serious it’s okay to make a joke to get people talking.

Analytics dashboard

While watching out for all these things it may prove to be difficult to keep track of all of it. The best solution would be to get an analytics dashboard. An analytics dashboard is used to track your page’s usage of your page. Sites like Twitter already provide this tool for its users. The dashboard on will track your Twitter pages how others are interacting with your tweets,  URL clicks, and which sources link to your content. Other sites like Topsy show which keywords tweeted the most, unfortunately was purchased by Apple two year ago. An image of the Topsy dashboard is shown below:



More tips about how to prefect your health blog at


2 thoughts on “Blog Evaluation

  1. Devin,

    Great introduction on your evaluation blog! I like how you proposed the six questions to help health organizations make sure the social media post are making an impact. Another strong point that you recommended was to have a high conversation rate. That is a vital when gaining more followers and being effective overall. When you discussed the analytic dashboard it was nice to see a visual of one that I could use, for example Topsy. Your blog is very informative and easy to read!

  2. I also love your introduction on your blog! I thought that asking yourself the six questions was very smart, and I really liked the way they were organized. I also agreed that one of the most important things is that you have a high conversation rate, since it is important that you get feed back on what you are doing right or wrong. Your blog was organized well and was fun to read, great job!

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