LinkedIn for Heath Organization


For those who do not know what LinkedIn, is in short it is a professional version’s Facebook and other social sites. Unfortunately if you use it like I do it’ll just be more emails for strangers in your Gmail account.

When it is used correctly it can be a great asset to any business. The site is the perfect way  for these organizations to find the perfect employees; people that have great ideas and a passion for the organization. But before you go hiring you entire your entire work force online here’s a few tips you should follow.

  • When setting your  LinkedIn profile picture be sure to always use your company or organizations logo. It’s something easily recognizable for anyone using the site.
  • Add eye catching graphics, provide the types of services or products you provide. This my be the first time people are hearing about your so its best to make a good impression.
  • Being that LinkedIn is a site used for professional use so posting any job openings would be helpful to both others and the site.
  • Get your employees involved as well. People are more likely to join or listen to something if their friends are involved. So if your employees promote your page on theirs, which their friends will see and spread your organizations horizon.

Do People Even Use LinkedIn for Health?

LinkedIn has over a million healthcare professionals including clinics, researchers, administrative professionals, etc. 


Is there a place on LinkedIn strictly for the Healthcare profession? 

Yes, there are several groups you can use to find to the specific profession you seek. Go to the “Group Directory” tab on the LinkedIn page and type in any of these health groups listed below.

  • Student Doctor Network
  • Medical Device Network
  • Physicians Alternative Career Network (PACnet) – for MDs who want a career doing something other than practicing medicine and direct patient care.
  • Healthcare Physicians Practice Network
  • Registered Nurse Group
  • ExecuCare Professional Nurse Organization
  • Bio/Pharmacy Professionals
  • Health Informatics Technology (HIT) Group

If you use this site correctly you can expand your company’s horizon, all while keeping that professionalism companies require.



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