Healthy Tweets

When it comes to promoting health issues on twitter you have to look at it like at in a way a company would.  In a way your both selling something in one is selling a product while the Organization is selling a better and healthier lifestyle. Here are a few things that a lot of successful companies do to maintain an active twitter page.

  • Short Relevant Post/Hashtags: Twitter has a Max of 140 words so the best to keep it around 100 words. With in these 100 word you should be able to get your message across. Even though 140 words is not a lot, it is still more that your average twitter user wants to read. Another big thing in Twitterverse is hashtags. Hashtags can be a blessing and a curse. Only use hashtags relevant to your cause, because once someone click she link it puts them in contact with others who support the cause. And, there is nothing Twitter users like more than being apart of something bigger. Please do not over do it being your message will get lost in the tags.

*Do not be this guytoomanyhashtags

  • Re-tweets: When an organization re tweets a post from one of it’s followers it shows that their voices are heard. The people on these sites are just regular people affected by the issues that these health organizations are trying to end. When organizations reach out and re tweet a comment from a follower it shows that you care.

Clink on the link below, to get some more tips to keep you on the right path




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