The Healthy side to Facebook

We all know Facebook as the sight we all love; while we where friending, unfriending, and poking we missed a key resource that this site has. The site has potential to be the top health promotion site. A few examples of these are Movemder/ No shave November, which spreads awareness about prostate cancer. Several people would post Facebook selfies with their mustaches and beards, helping the campaign spread to worldwide status. The creator of Facebook Mark Zuckerburg created a video for Greenpeace’s campaign Unfriend Coal. The campaign was created to encourage people to use clean energy sources instead of relying on coal which destroys the ozone. Mark posted the video to YouTube and it has over 400,000 views. They are a lot of success stories but to follow in there footsteps their are some things you must do. The first thing is to be relatable show them cause they can relate to with solutions they can easily help with. Be sure to use creditable sources, and provide away for people to ask questions. People like to know their voices are heard, and the more you can clear up about your cause the better.



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