Give for the Gram


Instagram is a photo-sharing, video-sharing, and social media website. The site originally launched in October 6, 2010; since then the company has gown to over a million users and to a billion dollar industry.

In those years of growth Instagram can be used for more than just looking at pictures of your celebrity crush, or seeing how interesting the hot guy  at work is. Several business and companies use Instagram to promote their brands, products or whatever sale they want us to know about.


As we see this Instagram can easily be used for consumerism and pushing products, but it has another use that some people have been over looking. Instagram has been and can be a place to raise money and better the lives of others. Think about Instagram has so much untapped potential from non profit organization. The biggest problems that organizations run into is “how to get my message out their?”. And, the answer to the question is simple pictures. Images may be the quickest way to pull at a person heart stings, for example take the Sarah McLachlan commercials. Now I know what your thinking her song helps a lot with pulling heart strings, but I guarantee pictures of sad animals will get your attention.

All these organizations have to do to promote their charities is follow these steps like other organizations have.

  • Promote you site
  • Promote your text-to-give campaigns
  • Launch a hashtags fundraising campaign
  • Promote fundraising events
  • Offer promotions discounts
  • Thank your donors


Another key issue in ensuring your organization’s page stays in lives of your followers. Which is not as difficult as it sounds what you have to do is very simple. The rules to Instagram are very simple if someone follows you follow them back. When they post something like it or leave a comment (a positive one of course). People are more likely to interact with you online if you interact with them.

Hospitals are even getting in on the Instagram train. According to the website   they are  five ways the hospitals are making their way into the Intsa-world.

  1. Take photos of your staff or brand ambassadors: In the age of social media, your followers want to see authentic pictures of your people. Build trust and loyalty by sharing photos of your staff at work, your fans participating in events or people using your product or receiving a service. Arnold Palmer Hospital is one example of a hospital brand showing off their fun loving staff hard at work. As a children’s hospital they do a good job of sharing their child friendly staff and environment.11312166_1242437789115603_574814266_n
  2. Share a sneak peek photo: Make your followers feel special by rewarding them with a first look at something few have seen yet. This could include a new product, a future ad, a new building or an event.
  3. Behind the scenes shots: When I think behind the scenes, Piedmont Healthcare in Atlantais the first brand that comes to mind. The hospital decided to raise awareness for living donor transplants by providing minute-by-minute updates on their social media networks, including photos on Instagram. As a follower, I felt like I was given a once in a lifetime opportunity to be a partof something that most people never have the opportunity to, unless they go to medical school.
  4. Photos that embody the lifestyle your brand represents: If you’re a health or healthy lifestyle brand, it’s time for you to start sharing motivational photos and health tips that educate or inspire your followers to live a healthy lifestyle. With 5,009 photos the Institute for Integrative Nutrition is definitely a nutrition and education brand to check out for ideas.
  5. Comical or creative displays of a product or service: Chobani is one nutrition food brand doing just this. From sharing funny pictures of the dog staring at the yogurt drooling, to the yogurt’s travels to the pool or the city, the successful food brand has made its product cool and fun. They’ve turned being healthy into an adventure, an adventure that begins with Chobani.

These organizations have proved that Instagram is  not just for posting a pictures of your food or having a good time for the night. There is no reason why your organization should miss out in the positivity; follow these easy steps and your organizations message will be well received.


LinkedIn for Heath Organization


For those who do not know what LinkedIn, is in short it is a professional version’s Facebook and other social sites. Unfortunately if you use it like I do it’ll just be more emails for strangers in your Gmail account.

When it is used correctly it can be a great asset to any business. The site is the perfect way  for these organizations to find the perfect employees; people that have great ideas and a passion for the organization. But before you go hiring you entire your entire work force online here’s a few tips you should follow.

  • When setting your  LinkedIn profile picture be sure to always use your company or organizations logo. It’s something easily recognizable for anyone using the site.
  • Add eye catching graphics, provide the types of services or products you provide. This my be the first time people are hearing about your so its best to make a good impression.
  • Being that LinkedIn is a site used for professional use so posting any job openings would be helpful to both others and the site.
  • Get your employees involved as well. People are more likely to join or listen to something if their friends are involved. So if your employees promote your page on theirs, which their friends will see and spread your organizations horizon.

Do People Even Use LinkedIn for Health?

LinkedIn has over a million healthcare professionals including clinics, researchers, administrative professionals, etc. 


Is there a place on LinkedIn strictly for the Healthcare profession? 

Yes, there are several groups you can use to find to the specific profession you seek. Go to the “Group Directory” tab on the LinkedIn page and type in any of these health groups listed below.

  • Student Doctor Network
  • Medical Device Network
  • Physicians Alternative Career Network (PACnet) – for MDs who want a career doing something other than practicing medicine and direct patient care.
  • Healthcare Physicians Practice Network
  • Registered Nurse Group
  • ExecuCare Professional Nurse Organization
  • Bio/Pharmacy Professionals
  • Health Informatics Technology (HIT) Group

If you use this site correctly you can expand your company’s horizon, all while keeping that professionalism companies require.


Healthy Tweets

When it comes to promoting health issues on twitter you have to look at it like at in a way a company would.  In a way your both selling something in one is selling a product while the Organization is selling a better and healthier lifestyle. Here are a few things that a lot of successful companies do to maintain an active twitter page.

  • Short Relevant Post/Hashtags: Twitter has a Max of 140 words so the best to keep it around 100 words. With in these 100 word you should be able to get your message across. Even though 140 words is not a lot, it is still more that your average twitter user wants to read. Another big thing in Twitterverse is hashtags. Hashtags can be a blessing and a curse. Only use hashtags relevant to your cause, because once someone click she link it puts them in contact with others who support the cause. And, there is nothing Twitter users like more than being apart of something bigger. Please do not over do it being your message will get lost in the tags.

*Do not be this guytoomanyhashtags

  • Re-tweets: When an organization re tweets a post from one of it’s followers it shows that their voices are heard. The people on these sites are just regular people affected by the issues that these health organizations are trying to end. When organizations reach out and re tweet a comment from a follower it shows that you care.

Clink on the link below, to get some more tips to keep you on the right path



The Healthy side to Facebook

We all know Facebook as the sight we all love; while we where friending, unfriending, and poking we missed a key resource that this site has. The site has potential to be the top health promotion site. A few examples of these are Movemder/ No shave November, which spreads awareness about prostate cancer. Several people would post Facebook selfies with their mustaches and beards, helping the campaign spread to worldwide status. The creator of Facebook Mark Zuckerburg created a video for Greenpeace’s campaign Unfriend Coal. The campaign was created to encourage people to use clean energy sources instead of relying on coal which destroys the ozone. Mark posted the video to YouTube and it has over 400,000 views. They are a lot of success stories but to follow in there footsteps their are some things you must do. The first thing is to be relatable show them cause they can relate to with solutions they can easily help with. Be sure to use creditable sources, and provide away for people to ask questions. People like to know their voices are heard, and the more you can clear up about your cause the better.