U.S politics in the Media

The U.S politics  has always influenced the media. Every time a military incident happened they would spit of movie after movie convincing society what side to be on. Using the Cold War era of the U.S as a example; during this time a movie Red Dawn was released. The plot of this film is Russia invade a small Colorado town and its up to the a high school star quarterback and friends to save the town. U.S politics wanted us to think that Russia was to get us and that they could coming at any moment, but it also wanted to show that us as Americans can over come any obstacle in their way. And, whats more American than a blonde haired blue eyed “All American” high school quarter back. This movie was give the people that adrenalin rush of hope that honestly they really didn’t need. It was recently remade, but replaced the Russian with the North Koreans after the scare the North Koreans gave us by launching missiles into space and with rumors going around that they had nuclear weapons. So by using them in the new film they well just regurgitating the same message of no one can stop us. This is only one of the many films where this has happened there are countless others “The Hunt for the Red Octopus, War Games, Fail Safe, etc.”, and that just the Cold War. U.S politics will continue to do this because it sends the message and it makes them money at the same time.


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