Devin Austin

Feb. 18, 2013


Lincoln and Freedom of Press


Lincoln was always a supporter of the freedom of Press. The Judge challenged Lincoln before the war, but Lincoln ignored. Lincoln would soon have that Judge would soon have him arrested. People began to destroy printing presses in rebellion. While a mob was destroying an editor’s printing press and killing him afterwards; Lincoln saw this and rose up which sparked his presidential campaign. Even though they destroyed most newspapers, most Pro-slavery papers where left alone; the biggest being the Daily News. Lincoln soon became the Commander of Chief being this rebellious time. In states like New York, people stopped volunteering and protesting the war as the newspaper said the war was a waste of time. As the war continued both Confederate and Union, states would burn the newspapers of the town they would take over. As a result Lincoln then had these publishers arrested he also had John Mayer arrested as well. Lincoln hot his first taste of the press was when he took his first job as a postmaster. Lincoln received many newspapers both Democratic and Republican, they were sent from Springfield; so instead of delivering newspapers he would read them then deliver them. Some say that this publication is what led him to follow his path to become president. Lincoln believed that the overreaction of the South was inevitable so he could not change the fact. Newspapers in Pennsylvania “The Christian Observer” wrote outlandish lies about the Union saying that they committed vast crimes such as stealing, rape of women, and murder of children for their own amusement. Freedom of press has been a big involvement in Lincoln life; it motivated him to become president, it fueled the war that made him famous, and it spread the word of freedom and of his victory.


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