Devin Austin

Journalism 101

Feb. 11, 2013



            The roles of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Samuel Adams where very important to the process of establishing free press in America as we view it today. George Washington as we all know lead America’s army in the Revolutionary War. He also greatly impacted the world of the printing press.  As he was fighting for our rights to freedom others where printing papers spreading the word of his greatness. George Washington was viewed by some Americans as a king, but he said he would correct them by saying he was not. Our free press would not be as free as it is now if George Washington had not leaded the American soldiers to victory. Samuel Adams was an American statesman and political philosopher; he was also one of America’s founding fathers. Samuel Adams was said to fuel the fire that lead to the Revolutionary War. His circular letter in 1768 encouraged the British to have their soldiers go into Boston; which then lead to the Boston massacre.  He then had a picture made of the massacre and had it printed and sent around. This was the spark that started the war. Samuel Adams was also said to have encouraged mob violence to get his point across where just printing it could not.  He then took his seat with the other Revolutionary leaders as they signed the Declaration of Independence. This made it possible for all of us to print about whatever we wanted. Thomas Jefferson was also a Founding Father; he was the main author for the Declaration of Independence.  He was sentence “All men are created equal” is said to be one of the sentences in the English language.  Thomas Jefferson contribution to our Independence may have been one of the most important. Thomas Jefferson always supported the idea of freedom for Americans. Our freedom of press may have not have happened if Thomas Jefferson would not have been around to write the Declaration. In fact the three of these men each contributed to our freedom of press in sequence; Samuel Adams started a war, George Washington ended the war, and Thomas Jefferson wrote up the document to verify our freedom.


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